A Whole New World

May 24, 2020
May 24th, 2020

It's been a while since I've had time to write. The pandemic hasn't given me more time either. In the physical sense not much has changed. I still go to work like I always have as does my husband. What has changed has been our emotional and mental state. The uncertainty of the future. This seems to be the subtle undertone that makes us a little more on edge, a little less motivated to keep the routine that we have always had. We have had to cancel plans, postpone events and a lot of our plans have been cancelled for us. I'm sure this has happened to you as well. How are you handling it? Are you noticing the changes in your thoughts and beliefs? Are you noticing a change in your physical state? Many have noticed a weight gain, a lack of motivation. I am not immune! lol. When the weather was terrible and we were confined to our homes much of the time, motivation and routine were lost. Eating habits changed and we became more sedentary. For me thankfully, having the warriors kept me on my exercise routine. I struggle with eating habits, too much wine and even injuries, but my exercise routine has kept me sane. What are you doing to manage your health? Is it different than it used to be?
Thankfully I have my faith and my family. They give me the courage to move forward with purpose and the reassurance that this will all turn out ok. It will be different, but we will be ok.
If you are looking for a fun way to get some exercise with other real people who are far from perfect but trying everyday, please join us by zoom or Facebook Live.

Take good care,


Welcome to Summer

July 22, 2015
How are you enjoying this crazy beautiful summer we are having?

The outdoors are there to be enjoyed and it is one of the reasons we take a break during the summer from our traditional workouts. It's also good to give your body a change of workout. For me the summer is about running, hiking, and a little bit of outdoor boot camp. For that reason we are having....Wonderful Wacky Workout Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday of the summer we are meeting to do a different type of workout. This Wednesday we ...
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New Session is up and Bust a Move

March 8, 2015
It's been too long since I have done a blog post!
So much has happened and is new.
The first session of 2015 is almost over and I am seeing incredible gains in strength and endurance with our ladies! Way to go Warriors!!
Our next session is set to start April 9th and I'm sure it will fill up fast!
Check our challenge page to see our latest challenge which is a push up challenge. You tend to either love them or hate them but they are such a great all around exercise. Join today! I know you can do ...

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Another session is almost over!

May 28, 2014
I can't believe we are at the end of another session! I am going to miss everyone as we take our summer break.
Just so that you don't completely slack off, remember I am still around being active and I will invite you along when I do a special workout.
Here are my tips for summer success!
1. Track your food! Even when you really don't want to know.
2. Make water your beverage of choice, especially between cocktails.
3. Move!
4. Run with me!

These are the races we have entered:
1. The Graffiti Run, Ju...
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December Challenge!

December 2, 2013
Welcome to December! It's incredible that we are already this close to Christmas and that our classes at the church have come to an end until next year.
So what are your plans to stay on track through the holidays? It would be such a shame to lose all of your fitness gains over a few cookies and cocktails!
Now after all that being said, I have a plan for you!! (You didn't think I would abandon you during your time of need did you??)
Some of us found that the Strong and Lean Challenge had too man...
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Strong and Lean Challenge!

November 20, 2013
Our strong and lean challenge has been going strong this fall. Committing to doing one or two exercises every day that improve your strength. Some examples are:
wall sits
Heals to heaven
crunchy frog
butt ups
The goal is to improve your max reps or max time. I even send a text to remind you every day.
Keep it up!!
Hugs and High fives,

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About Me

Loretta King I have a passion for how fitness can impact your life in so many positive ways. I have struggled with overeating most of my life but have found success in working out and gaining strength. I just have to share this empowering activity with others.


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