December Challenge!

Posted by Loretta King on Monday, December 2, 2013 Under: Fitness
Welcome to December! It's incredible that we are already this close to Christmas and that our classes at the church have come to an end until next year.
So what are your plans to stay on track through the holidays? It would be such a shame to lose all of your fitness gains over a few cookies and cocktails!
Now after all that being said, I have a plan for you!! (You didn't think I would abandon you during your time of need did you??)
Some of us found that the Strong and Lean Challenge had too many options, so we are simplifying the December challenge. Introducing the PS Challenge!!
It's so simple! Starting December 1st is a P day, so you do a p exercise, push ups, planks, plank ups. December 2nd is an S day so you do an S exercise, squats sits (wall that is), sit ups or even superman. Keep the days alternating through out the month and track it on a December calendar.I have a great one if you want me to send you a copy!
I know you can do this, you are amazing and have the strength to really push yourself.
Here's to a fit and fun holiday season!

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