Fall workouts are up!
Tuesday 6 am Power Half Hour!!
6am to 6:30am
A strength focused workout with short powerful bursts of cardio. This is how we fight aging!
Thursday 7 pm Ultimate Intervals

Classes At Concordia:

This fall  we have classes Thursday evening from 7pm-8pm
This workout with intervals of strength and super fun cardio. We use dumbells and bands for resistence.
There is a variety as the classes are always improving and changing with possible Tabata intervals and different types of exercise equipment used at different times. We may be drumming, bouncing balls, squeezing, sliding, shuffeling our way to fitness.
The classes are available as a full session or drop in. We have the most reasonable prices around thanks to our FREE venue!

Mobile Classes:

Book an individual session with your group or  a 10 week session. Prices vary.